Last day to return concert uniforms May 14th

Hello Parents,

THIS THURSDAY 5/14   from 10am to 12 noon is the last day to return all concert uniforms and any extra borrowed items, bow ties, cummerbunds etc.


If you missed your assigned day please plan on turning in your concert uniform this Thursday 5/14 10 am to 12 pm.

Please make sure the students name is somewhere on the bag or dress hanger.

Thank you 
Uniform committee

Uniform return procedure:

  • Students will enter the back lot through Drive #4, and drive around to the back HS door by the Green Band Room (Custodial Doors)
  • Student will hang up their Tuxedo or Concert Dress on the rack set up outside at the drop-off location
  • Student will leave their school owned instrument on the curb
  • Students are not to enter the building, and if there is a car already at the drop-off location for uniform/instrument turn in, the next car should wait so only one student is putting materials on the curb at a time
  • If a student wishes to sign out a color guard silk for auditions, students should take one from the bin on the curb, and sign the clipboard next to the bin to sign it out.
  • Band Staff will move the instrument/uniform from the rack/curb after the car has departed
  • There will be no interaction with other students or staff members in the Turn-in process
  • If their school-owned instrument is still in the band locker, they should remove it when they clear out their band lockers on May 18-21.
  • Students will not be allowed into the building.
  • If a student cannot get a ride to drop off their instrument/uniform, it can be dropped off by a classmate if social distancing guidelines are followed. So you do NOT need to drop off your instrument/uniform in person – someone can drop it off for you

All school owned instruments, and uniforms, and color guard silks should all be returned by the end of the day on 5/14. A list of missing items will be turned in the administration by 5/15 so that the administration will know what seniors are not “cleared” for graduation, and what underclassmen will own fines/fees for unreturned school-owned equipment. If any non-senior wants to hold on to their school-owned instrument to continue private lessons, audition for OMEA All-State or CYWS, please Email Mr. Vitale directly, and those individuals can hold on to their school-owned instruments.