From the Desk of Mr. Vitale

Band Families,

We have had a meeting with the Band Staff, NRHS Administration, Athletic Director, and Officer Karl in an effort to help clarify traffic flow on Friday nights with the construction. Please note the new instructions for drop off/pick up of Band Students on Friday nights:

Friday Night Parking and Drop Off for Band Students

Drop off of students: 

Parents should enter via driveway #3, drop off their child, and exit via driveway #4. 

Students arriving and parking:

Students can park in the spots allocated for band students along the rear of the Staff Parking Lot (which will remain open until 4:14 PM).

Students should enter driveway #3 and park in the spots in front of the main office once the back gate is closed.

If all the spots in front of the school and the rear of the Staff Parking Lot are taken, students should park at Memorial Park.

Student Pick-up After the game:

Parents should enter driveway #4 and pick up their child in the Staff Parking Lot. All parents should then exit the parking lot by way of driveway #4.  Parents should not pick up students in the lot between the middle school and high school.

Students leaving after the game: 

Students should leave by way of driveway #4

Thank you, everyone, for your help with this!

-Mr. Vitale

David Vitale, M.M.
Director of Bands
North Royalton High School
14713 Ridge Road
North Royalton, OH 44133