Fruit sale and information for the week ending 8/7


The Annual Fruit Sale takes place this weekend Sept 7th and 8th. If you are a team captain please note the following information:

When is the Fruit Sale Blitz?

The big kickoff to our sale will be our Blitz Weekend, September 7th and 8th.

When will the Group Leader pick up the Sales Packet?

The Sales Packet will be picked up after the September 4th 6-9 Band Practice. Only Group Leaders/Captains need to pick up the packets.

Are we supposed to sell on both days? What are we to wear?
Your group may sell fruit on September 7th or September 8th. You are to wear some kind of band shirt, such as the purple polo or white band t-shirt. Remember you are representing the NRHS Marching Band, so we ask everyone to be polite and appreciative

Please Note: That all orders are cash or check only. Checks are to be made to North Royalton Band Boosters.

How should we introduce ourselves to the customers? In your packet is a script that you may follow. Remember to smile and be yourselves. People just love band kids.

Is there a leave behind for our customers just in case if they have questions? In your packet, there are two pages that state “North Royalton Band Boosters Fruit Blitz Weekend”. Please cut these down to size. The Team Captain may leave their first name only. Please fill out the Total Amount Paid and Check Number. On that form, it states that the fruit will be delivered to them the second week of December and the e-mail address for the fruit sale.

Any tidbits we should know that should make the selling process easier? Have a couple of working pens with you. Also, bring a notebook, clipboard or a hard surface to write on. The order form is flimsy.

There is an emergency during the blitz. Who should I call? Text only Jennifer Sanders at 216.613.9291 or call at home 440.627.6321. Nikki Blasko at 216.650.3628. We are here to help you. Do not give out these numbers to your customers.

When do I return the order forms and the money?

Group Leaders are to return the order forms after the September 11th 6-9 practice.

When will the fruit be available to pick up? Group Leaders are to pick up fruit at the football lockers on December 7. It is each group’s responsibility to deliver to their customers.

Thank you! Jennifer Sanders and Nikki Blasko at

This week's Football game is Friday, Sept. 6th at home against Brunswick High School. Please check with your student to see what time Mr. Vitale needs them to be at the school. Parents don't forget to wear purple and support our team!

We are Excited & Happy to announce Our First NR Senior Marching Band Banners are Proudly Hung in the NR Stadium just in time for our First Home Game & the Marching Band Season to begin! 

Here’s to a Great Year Seniors! 

Kristen Coffman
NRHS Band Boosters
Spirit Wear Co-Chair


The North Royalton festival of bands will be Sept 14th at Serpentini Stadium. All festival t-shirts are by pre-order only this year. They can be picked up the night of the festival. Orders must be in by Sept. 8th, so order yours now!
Gearin' Up Festival Shirts


Contest hoodies are also available at the Gearin' Up store until September 8th. If you order a hoodie through your Band Booster Membership form, you do not need to order again through the store unless you want additional hoodies. The last day to order contest hoodies through the Membership form is September 7th. Please note these are hard deadlines so make sure you get your order in if your student (or you yourself) want this functional keepsake of what will be an unforgettable contest show.

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