Please Read Air Show Update - Need Your Help


  • Saturday, Sept 1 NEED: 15 volunteers
  • Sunday, Sept 2 NEED: 28 volunteers
  • Monday, Sept 3 NEED: 48 volunteers

Grab your family and friends and head on down to the AirShow!


Sign up and spend the day at the Air Show AND raise money for the band! It is a fun day of selling tickets, passing out programs, or parking cars. Plenty of breaks and lunch provided. Bring a chair and watch the show! THIS IS ONE OF OUR LARGEST FUNDRAISERS! WE CAN RAISE NEARLY $10,000 FOR OUR BAND! The money we raise at the Air Show goes DIRECTLY to help pay for band trips (e.g. DISNEY). So if we are going to keep these trips affordable we need your help. If you are a senior family,remember people did this for you when you were in 8th grade; you just did not know it at the time. We need everyone to make this a success!

Sign up here:

Thank you for your help!
Doug Payne
Air Show Committee Chair
NRHS Band Boosters

Concessions Needs Your Help!

Hello Band Families,

We are in need of 6 more Volunteers for Concessions at our first football game on August 24, 2018. Your help would be needed from 5:30 – 10:00pm and check in is at the West Entrance of the Home Concession Stand for “Workers”.

Thank You in advance for supporting our Kids in this great program.

Please use the link below to sign up :

Keep Smiling,
Dawn Rembowski

NRHS Band Booster Concession Chair

Thursday Band Booster Parent Meeting & Ice Cream Social Info

Hello Band Parents!

Don't forget there is a Band Booster Parent meeting this Thursday, August 16th at 7 pm in the High School Media Center.

We look forward to seeing you there and seeing some new faces as well. Please come with any questions you may have.

Also, don't forget Parent Preview Night and our Ice Cream Social is this Friday, August 17th at the NR Football Stadium. You can arrive as early as 6 pm for ice cream and the Band Performance starts at 7 pm. Ice cream will be set up by the home concessions stand at the stadium. First, come pick up your tickets by using the student's last name that was written on the order form. You will receive tickets for all of the cups of ice cream that you ordered, so each family member can turn in a ticket when that person is ready to eat. Band students can get their tickets from a family member when they are done performing.

The ice cream social will shut down around 6:50 and reopen after the preview so that our volunteers can enjoy the show.

Thank you for supporting the band by enjoying some delicious ice cream!

Have a great week!

Air Show Update - Please Read - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Dear Band Families,

Thank you to the many new and veteran band parents who have signed up to help at the Cleveland Air Show this year.

While many people have signed up, we still need to fill all of the slots available. We need at least 85 volunteers on each day to fill our quota. We are paid per volunteer, so the more volunteers we have the more money we raise for the band. As one of our biggest fundraisers all year, we need to make all we can over the weekend.

Again, if you have already signed up, THANK YOU. If you haven’t, we need your help. Especially on Sunday (9/2) and Monday (9/3) we have several slots to fill. The only requirement for volunteers is that they are at least 14 years old, so if you can grab a friend, neighbor, or relative why not do it together to make it more fun? Plus, you get in to the Air Show for free!

You can sign up at Parent Preview Night next Friday, or at Signup Genius here:

If you have any questions please contact me.

Thank you,

Doug Payne
Air Show Committee Chair

Reminder Photo Buttons Tuesday August 14th

Hi Band Parents,

Tuesday is picture day and, in addition to the school sponsored pictures, the band boosters will once again be taking pictures for our world famous Photo Buttons!  So make sure your band member knows they need to get their picture taken by both the school photographer and the booster photographers in order for you to have the chance show your pride by wearing their smiling face.  To make the booster buttons even more special, we take individual shots and allow small group shots (up to 4 people) so siblings and friends can be in the same button.  There is no cost for any of the boosters pictures to be taken. 

Button orders can be placed at Parent Preview  Night and the first home game so stop by our tables at each.  The boosters’ Photo Buttons will be sold for the unbelievably low price of $5 each or 3 for $12.  Button creation takes about a week but can take a little longer if volumes are high.

Please note the booster Photo Buttons are different and independent from buttons that might be part of the school-sponsored photo packages.

We are also still looking for volunteers to help at the football games to take orders and distribute the buttons.  Please click on  this link which will take you to our Sign Up Genius to volunteer.

Thank you,

The Photo Button Committee

A Message from Mr. Vitale

Band Parents and Band Families,

The Band Staff and I have been having discussions these past few weeks as we look at the forecast for this Sunday’s Home Days Parade. With the heat we have been experiencing, we are making a decision to change the uniform for this Sunday. We are going to switch this Sunday’s uniform from Khaki Pants to Khaki Shorts. It is important all band students still own a pair of Khaki pants because they will still be utilized for the Band-a-Rama uniform, as well as the Parent Preview Night Uniform, however, we decided for this parade to make this change to khaki shorts. By making this change for this year, this will allow the band staff flexibility in future parade situations to utilize the either the "khaki pants" or "khaki shorts" option depending on temperature.

So for parents of freshmen, and those new, this means the Parade Uniform for Sunday is now:

  • Purple Band Polo
  • Knee length Khaki Shorts - (NOT cargo shorts, not corduroy)
  • Black Belt
  • Black Ankle Socks
  • Black Band Shoes

It is our hopes that Khaki shorts are something that might already be present in a student’s wardrobe, and for those that don’t have a pair, we are hoping this is enough notice to find/get/borrow/purchase a pair for Sunday. We apologize for the short notice, but the forecast for Sunday is what prompted us to look at possibly adding Khaki shorts to part of our Band Uniform attire. We also hope that for underclassmen, by adding this component to their uniform wardrobe now, it can be an investment that can be utilized for future parades as well.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the parade on Sunday!

-Mr. Vitale

2018 Ice Cream Social at Parent Preview Night

Hello Band Families!

This is a fundraiser that will take place with our Parent Preview on Friday, August 17th.  This is a pre-paid event and we are asking that all order forms be turned in by this Wednesday, August 8th. 

  • Please print off the form below, pick your flavor & have your student turn it into the white band box this week.
  • You need to order ice cream for your band student, even though they will not be able to eat until after their performance.
  • Also, you are not limited to one cup per person.  If you, or someone in your household has a hearty appetite, order more than one cup!  We don't judge! 

 Thank you for supporting our band! 

2018 Ice Cream Social

Munching 4 Music


NR Band Fundraiser Akron Rubber Ducks Game!

NR Band Fundraiser Akron Rubber Ducks Game!

Calling all Band families & Band friends!

Looking for a fun summer evening out?  Grab your family or your friends & head to the Akron Rubber Ducks game. Tickets are only $10 & a portion goes back to the band.

Don’t miss this great Fundraiser at the Akron Rubber Ducks, Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 7 pm.

Click the link below to get all the information and to purchase your tickets.
Link: NR Band Booster Night at the Akron Rubber Ducks