A Message from Mr. Vitale

Band Parents and Band Families,

The Band Staff and I have been having discussions these past few weeks as we look at the forecast for this Sunday’s Home Days Parade. With the heat we have been experiencing, we are making a decision to change the uniform for this Sunday. We are going to switch this Sunday’s uniform from Khaki Pants to Khaki Shorts. It is important all band students still own a pair of Khaki pants because they will still be utilized for the Band-a-Rama uniform, as well as the Parent Preview Night Uniform, however, we decided for this parade to make this change to khaki shorts. By making this change for this year, this will allow the band staff flexibility in future parade situations to utilize the either the "khaki pants" or "khaki shorts" option depending on temperature.

So for parents of freshmen, and those new, this means the Parade Uniform for Sunday is now:

  • Purple Band Polo
  • Knee length Khaki Shorts - (NOT cargo shorts, not corduroy)
  • Black Belt
  • Black Ankle Socks
  • Black Band Shoes

It is our hopes that Khaki shorts are something that might already be present in a student’s wardrobe, and for those that don’t have a pair, we are hoping this is enough notice to find/get/borrow/purchase a pair for Sunday. We apologize for the short notice, but the forecast for Sunday is what prompted us to look at possibly adding Khaki shorts to part of our Band Uniform attire. We also hope that for underclassmen, by adding this component to their uniform wardrobe now, it can be an investment that can be utilized for future parades as well.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to seeing everyone at the parade on Sunday!

-Mr. Vitale