2018 Ice Cream Social at Parent Preview Night

Hello Band Families!

This is a fundraiser that will take place with our Parent Preview on Friday, August 17th.  This is a pre-paid event and we are asking that all order forms be turned in by Wednesday, August 8th. Please print off the form below and start picking your flavors!  New this year - red raspberry!  Yum!  Details can be found on the form.  One thing to remember, you need to order ice cream for your band student, even though they will not be able to eat until after their performance.  Also, you are not limited to one cup per person.  If you, or someone in your household has a hearty appetite, order more than one cup!  We don't judge!

A few more details and reminders will come out just before the social.  For now, all you need to think about is what flavor of ice cream you would like to enjoy that night!  Thank you for supporting our band by enjoying some cool treats during our Frosty Fridays! 

2018 Ice Cream Social

Stay Cool,
Munching 4 Music