It's Been a Great Time

Dear Band Families,

As we complete our second term as your Exec Board of the NRHS Band Boosters, we would like to thank everyone for the support, ideas and guidance to help to continue to grow our organization!

When we took office, our primary mission was to support and promote our band program and its students. To accomplish this we had a few goals:

  1. Protect and grow our funds
  2. Enhance our current Fundraisers rather than add more
  3. Support our band director
  4. Support our chairpersons and volunteers
  5. Support our North Royalton vendors whenever we could

So how did we do this?

  1. Brought our mandatory white Tshirt / Purple Polos in house maintaining an inventory (Sabine Halterman – NRHS grad)
  2. Added event TShirt sales to both Band Fest and States (Kader Printing – NRHS grad)
  3. Added an Ice Cream Social at Parent Preview night (Honey Hut – NRHS grad)
  4. Rolled out Rhythm & Raffle – a community event featuring a basket raffle, dinner and our Jazz Bands, Drum line and Dancers  from both the HS and MS.  This was a HUGE change  from our traditional Basket Raffle and we  tripled our profits
  5. Worked with Mr. Vitale to produce DVDs of our State finals and bundled the DVD with Marching Band CDs for a cost effective product (Jumpstart Videos / Soundwaves),
  6. Submitted requests for Walmart Grants
  7. Introduced Munching for Music using area restaurants like Chipotle, Burger King and Pie Card sales.
  8. Added Tervis cups as a membership add on (Resource Solutions)
  9. Moved our money to Key Bank and invested our reserved funds in short term Money Market accounts and we are already tripling our interest! (Key Bank)
  10. Switched our Fruit Distributor to PeeJays.  Additionally, we ordered the fruit bags online saving at least $600 in bag expenses.
  11. Built Smile.Amazon donation account:  North Royalton Band Boosters. 
  12. Continued to use GFS account for North Royalton Band Boosters.
  13. Created a central SignUpGenius for all chairpersons and volunteers
  14. Streamlined the registration process to make future updates easier for the administrator.
  15. Implemented MailChimp to make sending emails to parents, boosters and alumni easier, less time consuming and, in some cases, simply possible.
  16. Ensured that funds were available for band ‘needs’ as stipulated by Mr. Vitale.   When funds were available, the Boosters also provided items that the band program ‘wanted’.
  17. Purchased the new trailer and decals
  18. Purchased 7 ‘A’ frames for use at States and Band Fest 

We are wishing the next board success in their goals and know this organization will continue to grow through the years.  North Royalton has the finest band program around and we, as a board, are proud to be part of their success.

Our final thought:  GET INVOLVED with the Boosters…. It has been very rewarding experience...

Best Wishes in the coming season,

Amanda, Becky, Shirley, Regina and Geri

P.S. Congratulations to our graduating seniors! Good luck in all your future endeavors!