Become A Chairperson For 2018-2019!

Dear Band Families,

What an exciting weekend we have coming up with our Concert Contests!  Wishing the best for our FOUR concert bands…. Concerts are FREE so please take a drive to support our young musicians!  Check Mr. Vitale’s  for all the details.

We need to fill the following CHAIRPERSON and CO-CHAIRPERSON positions for the 2018/2019 school year :

Committee Position Needed # Needed Current Chair
Air Show Co-Chair 1 Gary Diehl (returning chairperson and needs a co-chair)
Fruit Sale Chairpersons 2 Poplin/Cmich (leaving position)
MB Uniforms Co-Chair 1 Joel Young (returning  chairperson and needs a co-chair)
Band Front Royalettes Uniforms Chairperson 1 Jennifer Rozek (leaving position)
Rhythm & Raffle Chairperson 1 Becky Cozzens (leaving position)
Registration / Jot Form Lead 1 Becky Humes (leaving position)

Once again, please feel free to contact the current chairperson for information about the open positions.

If you ARE interested in ANY chairperson or co-chairperson position, please contact Amanda Kost directly: 4408646543 or

Thank you for your continued support as we plan for the upcoming school year.

Amanda Kost
President, Band Boosters