Fruit Sale Pick Up and Delivery Process

Good Evening Parents!

We wanted to take a moment to explain the Fruit Sale Pick up and delivery process to eliminate any confusion.

First of all, thank you so much for participating in the sale and helping the band boosters with one of its biggest yearly fundraisers. Your help and volunteering is part of what makes our band so amazing. We cannot thank you enough.

If you or your student sold any fruit either in the Blitz, Personal sale or both, you and your band student are responsible for picking up the fruit from your orders that you turned in. You and your student are also responsible for delivering the fruit to your customers that ordered from you.

You can pick up your orders from the Annex on the following days:

  • Friday, December 8th from 6-8pm ( this pick up is for large orders of 20 items or more only please)
  • Saturday, December 9th from 9 am - 1 pm (Main pick up day!)
  • Tuesday, December 12th from 6-8pm (LAST CHANCE to pick up!)

When you arrive to pick up your order, park either in the District parking lot or the long parking lot to the west of the District Building. The Annex is located between the District Building and the stadium North Entrance. Come to the Annex and give us your student’s name. We will give you back your order forms and fill your order. We will have students and volunteers available to help bring items to your car if needed. Due to the perishable nature of the cheesecakes and fruit, we kindly request that you deliver the orders to your customers as soon as possible.

If for some reason you can not make any of the above pick up dates, please make alternate arrangements with Jaimie Poplin ( 1-228-217-8084 call or text).

The above dates are the ONLY dates that you will be able to pick up your orders. (Unless you’ve called to make other arrangements with us.) Due to the perishable nature of the products, limited time frame availability of the Annex, limited time frame for the freezers being used, limited availability of volunteers and holiday break schedules, we, unfortunately, cannot store orders longer than the dates listed above. Any orders not picked up will be donated to charity. We cannot stress enough the importance of coming to pick up your orders on time!

If you know of any band family or friends who do not check their email or Facebook regularly, please pass this information on to them as well. Thank you again so much for all of your help and support during this year’s fruit sale! We are so lucky to have all of you as part of our band family.

Heidi Cmich and Jaimie Poplin
Fruit Sale Chairs