Band Registration for 2016-2017

Dear Band Families,

It is time to register for the 2016-2017 band season. Registration will be taking place on-line over the next few weeks. The deadline is March 31. All fees and information are needed at this time. All payments are made through PayPal only. If you know of any parents of 8th graders who will be in band next year, please forward this e-mail to them.

To complete the process you must submit 2 forms (Volunteer Form and Band Registration Form) and pay through PayPal.

  • Please begin with the Volunteer Form.
    We ask each family to support their student and the band by signing up for at least two activities. One of the reasons we have a great band is the high level of parent and family support and involvement!
  • When you finish the Volunteer Form you will be taken directly to the Band Registration Form. On this form you will be filling out parent and student information and paying the band, course and activities fees. There is also a section for uniform measurement information. If you are a freshman or you were unhappy with your uniform fit last year you will be asked to provide measurement information. (Make sure the appropriate gender is checked at the top of the form.) If you do not provide this information a uniform cannot be preselected for your student and uniform pick-up and selection will be delayed.
  • After filling out the Registration Form, click Submit and you will be taken to PayPal to pay your fees and complete this portion of the registration process.

Once you have completed your registration you will receive three emails: One from PayPal with your payment information; and two from Band Boosters (one with your Volunteer information and one with your Band Registration information). We recommend saving these emails as they are your receipt for your registration and you may wish to refer to them later.

If you have more than one student, register the first starting with the Volunteer Form (be sure to list all your students on the form) and for the rest go directly to the Band Registration Form. Please Do NOT fill out the Volunteer Form twice.

For Band Front (Royalaires and Royalettes): If you have a student who participates in band for the full year, you need to register now. If they switch to band front after May auditions, you will have extra band front fees that you will need to pay later via a Band Front Registration Form that will open up in May. If you have a student that only wants to participate in the band front, but not in the concert bands, you should wait and register using the Band Front Registration form in May after your student finds out if they are selected. At that time, you will need to pay the class/activity/uniform fees plus the band front fees. Note that you may want to sign up for volunteer activities now since we close out activities once we reach the optimal number of volunteers.

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to ask!


The Band Booster Raffle Fundraiser is 2 weeks away!

Just a reminder that our Annual Raffle Fundraiser is Saturday, February 27, at Slim & Chubby's! We would love to see you there. If you haven't already done so, reserve your spot by filling out the attached form and sending in your payment. We have some great prizes including restaurant gift cards, tickets to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, orchestra, theater, comedy club, sporting events and much, much more. We hope to see you there!

Regina Atkinson
Raffle Fundraiser Chairperson

P.S. We are still taking donations for the raffle baskets and need a few more volunteers to help with check-in and sideboard raffles. If you would like to donate or help, please contact me at Your help is greatly appreciated!

Band Booster Raffle Fundraiser

Dear Band Families,

Our tenth annual raffle fundraiser is Saturday, February 27, at Slim and Chubby's in Strongsville. We would love to see you there! Please reserve your spot by filling out the attached form and sending your payment to the address on the form by February 20.

We have great prizes to raffle off as well as side board drawings and a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds go to support our band. We hope to see you there!

Regina Atkinson NRHS Band Booster Raffle Fundraiser Chairperson

P.S. We would love any donations you would like to contribute. Attached is a donation form for your use. Thank you!

Raffle Fundraiser Flyer

Raffle Fundraiser Donation Flyer

Thank You for a Successful Fruit Sale

Hello, Band Families.

We hope all of you had a great break with your families! There are a few of you that deserve a big THANK YOU from us. If you proofread and sent out countless emails for us, read emails from us or had lengthy discussions about emails with us, we thank you! If you revised all of the fruit sale information for us to use this year, helped sign out fruit blitz packets, drove your kids to sell during the blitz weekend, actually sold during the blitz weekend, helped with pizza the Monday after the blitz weekend, turned in a packet from the blitz weekend or helped us get packets back from the blitz weekend, we thank you! If you bought fruit, sold fruit, told others about the fruit or made announcements about the fruit, we thank you! If you unloaded fruit from the truck, stacked boxes, took inventory, bagged fruit, copied fruit tags, moved boxes around or pre-picked orders, we thank you! If you pulled orders on pick-up day, helped families get their orders to their cars, rode on the dollies, pushed someone else on a dolly, fixed problems, hauled boxes of fruit around, drove around delivering miscellaneous orders, made phone calls, enjoyed hot chocolate and doughnuts, we thank you! If you picked up your order on one of the pick-up days, delivered customers' fruit in a timely manner, drove your kids around to deliver, thanked people for supporting the band, gave fruit as gifts (personal or business), kept fruit for yourself and your family, ate fruit or wished you had more fruit, we thank you! Basically, if you helped or offered to help us in any way, including listening to us talk about and push the fruit sale for a few months, we thank you! Hopefully we've remembered to include everything that each of you did. The success of this sale would not have been possible without all of you helping! We made over $9,000 for the band! Thank you so much!

We also want to thank Lake Erie Graphics for printing up all of our color fruit sheets and order forms! We truly appreciate this generous donation to our band! The business is located in Brook Park and the phone number is 216-265-7575. Please consider using Lake Erie Graphics for any printing needs you have in the future.

Karen and Susie
Fruit Sale Committee Chairs

A Message From Mr. Vitale

Just a few reminders as we begin the 2nd semester:

  • Jazz Band Concert in Feb has been moved to Tuesday Feb. 9th - No Jazz Band Rehearsal Ash Wednesday Feb. 10
  • Date for commencement is incorrect on the Band Calendar - it SHOULD BE listed as Friday, June 3

Florida Reminders:

  • Wed. 3/16 Mandatory Rehearsal (for those going on the trip) 6-8PM
  • Wed. 3/23 Mandatory Rehearsal (for those going on the trip) 6-8PM
  • Wed. 3/23 Mandatory Rules Meeting for all students going on the trip and their parents. Attendance is required to participate on the trip.
  • Wed. 3/16 Chaperone Meeting 8-9PM in Home Ec 2 Room - for all those who are trip chaperones

Please mark your family calendars of all the above dates! Thanks!

-Mr. V.

Band Booster News: Solo and Ensemble, Raffle Fundraiser, Tuxes for Sale and more

Hello Parents,

Happy New Year! It is always difficult for me to believe how much faster time moves as we get older. Our kids really keep us moving. Instead of our children being a part of our lives, it seems we are a part of theirs at this age. I am constantly reminded how amazing these band students are, and it is an absolute pleasure to volunteer my time for each and every one of these musicians.

Solo And Ensemble - Feb. 6

Their next event is Solo and Ensemble Contest on Feb. 6 at Tri C. Not all students participate in this event, but if your musician is, be sure to check Mr. Vitale's directors page for specific details regarding this event.

A Huge Thank You To Our November - December Volunteers

Although marching band season has come and gone, a significant amount of booster projects and committees have been hard at work! The concert and marching uniform committees collected and distributed uniforms from over 270 students and prepared the marching uniforms for our Disney trip. The fruit sale committee unloaded, sorted and distributed countless pounds of juicy and delicious citrus. The committee that handles the holiday concert reservations worked in conjunction with the membership committee to provide seats for our 3 performances and the holiday ornaments and marching band CD's were sold at every holiday concert. Thanks to all of these fabulous volunteers for their tireless efforts!

Feb 1 Community Meeting

We often times come together to support our band program. Well, now it is time for our band family to put our heads together at the community meeting. Our school district truly values our voice. Plan to attend this very important meeting on Monday, February 1 at 7:00 pm in the High School PAC. See you there!

Save The Date - It’s Time To Do Something Fun For Us - Saturday, Feb. 27, At 5:30 PM

Our Annual Raffle Fundraiser Social event is scheduled for Feb.27 at Slim And Chubby's in Strongsville from 5:30-8:30 pm. So, save the date, get your friends together and enjoy some well deserved time together with our band family. The opportunities to win are limitless and the time you spend with friends is priceless!

Gently Used Tuxes For Sale - $30

You may have noticed that we are, once again, trying to sell our gently worn tuxes. Prom season will be upon us. Purchasing one of our tuxes is significantly less expensive than renting. Also, if you are involved in an honors ensemble or are planning to perform in college, the expectation to wear a tux will always be a reality. If you are interested or know someone that might be interested, let us know. The tux information will be posted on our website.

Florida Trip Update

In 11 short weeks our kids will be headed to Florida for our spring break trip (March 27 - April 3). Even though winter has gotten a late start, this still actually sounds quite nice!

Band Booster Meeting

Our next booster meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 25, at 7:00 pm in the High School Media Center. Come join us!

Committee Positions For Next Year

I'm pleased to say that most volunteers are returning to their positions for next year, however, if you are NOT PLANNING TO RETURN, please let us know so that we can work together to find a replacement. AND if you are interested in getting more involved, please contact us or join us at our January meeting.

Stay Warm!

Holly Michalke
Band Booster President

Marching Band Ornaments, CDs, Fruit, Pie Cards and More

On Sale at the Holiday Concerts on December 13 & 14

Many of these items make great gifts and keepsakes!

Quantities are limited on all items and are sold while supplies last.

2015 NR band ornament

  • FRUIT – bags of oranges, grapefruit, tangelos and mixed oranges & grapefruit - $15
  • 2015 Marching Band Concert CDs - $20
    Please note: if you Pre-Ordered a Marching Band CD it will be available for pick up at the Holiday Concerts.
  • Bakers Square Pie cards (before the concerts only) - $14
  • Membership/spirit wear (limited selection)
Booster News - Holiday Concert, Uniform Turn In, Pies And More

Booster News - Holiday Concert, Uniform Turn In, Pies And More

Hi Everyone,

It is amazing that we have already closed this incredible 2015 Marching Band Season. This season will always have fond memories for my family and me since it was the only year both of my children performed together on the football field. I know I am not alone. There were so many lifelong memories made both on and off the field this season for all of us. This activity offers so many opportunities! I would like to thank the Royalettes and Royalaires for the signature role you played in the 2015 season. We look forward to seeing you at the holiday parade and again in the spring for our Florida trip and Memorial Day parade.

Flickr pictures

If you are looking for lasting memories from the football season, check out our flicker account. It was nice to see so many pictures of our kids working hard and enjoying the marching experience. A special thanks goes out to Chuck Allen for all his time spent taking and posting these pictures.

Holiday Concert

The next performance experience takes place December 13 and 14. Tickets are on sale. Visit the director’s website and order your tickets now! These shows sell out fast! If you receive complimentary tickets because of joining boosters, don't forget, you still need to fill out an order form indicating which concert(s) you plan to attend.

Marching Band Uniform Turn In Dates

Marching Band Uniform turn in is this Tuesday and Wednesday, November 17 and 18, between 6:00pm-8:00pm. Please refer to the emails that went out November 4 regarding the specific dry cleaning and washing directions. These can also be found on our website, (You may have to scroll down the page to see them.) Freshman and Sophomore Boys Only – Right after you turn in your uniform, go to the concert uniform committee to be measured for your concert uniform (tux). Do not forget as these uniforms need to be ordered at that time to ensure delivery by the Holiday concert. Freshman Boys Only – You will also need to purchase your tux shirt for $21 (checks to Tuxedo Junction).

Booster Meeting

Our next Booster Meeting is Monday, Nov. 16, in the Media Center at 7:00 pm. This is our last meeting until Jan. - come join us!

Five Guys and Holiday Pies

Five Guys was a huge success! We brought in $420 just by feeding our family. Our next food experience is the Bakers Square holiday pie sale. Pie gift cards are $14 each. Get your pies for Thanksgiving and the holiday season through this fundraiser and help our band program at the same time! Pie gift cards do not expire until the year 2064 so you can buy now for the whole year and beyond. Order forms are in the band room but you can also print one from our website.

It won't be long before we are all together again for the holiday concert. Warmest wishes to our band family for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Holly Michalke
Band Booster President