Freshman & Sophomore Boys Need to Get Measured for New Tuxes

Dear Freshman and Sophomore Band Families:

Freshman and sophomore BOYS only will need to be fitted for their concert uniform. Tuxedo Junction will be at the HS the same dates as uniform turn in (Nov. 17 and Nov. 18 from 6pm to 8pm). Once you turn in your marching uniform, please be sure to meet with the concert uniform staff to be measured.

Freshmen boys will also need to purchase a white dress shirt that evening. Please bring a check for $21 payable to Tuxedo Junction.

If you have a conflict, please contact one of the concert uniform staff ASAP. Uniforms need to be ordered at that time to ensure they arrive by the first concert in December.


Stacy McPherson 440-263-1855
Tracey Tonski 216-533-9710