New Band Booster Membership & More!

Hello Band Families!

I hope you are having a safe and wonderful summer thus far!

Just a few updates/reminders below:

  • Our new 2018-2019 Band Booster Membership Form is now up on our booster website! You can print this form at home, fill it out and send it into Band Camp /The White Band Box with your student in August.

  • Our updated Booster Chair Committee Contact form is also on our Booster website.

  • If you have not ordered Marching Band Shoes please do so as soon as you can we have sent the information out via e-mail and we will send out a few more reminders in the next couple of weeks.

  • We are working on getting our volunteer Sign Up Genius up and running and as soon as those are ready I will let you know and they too will be sent out via e-mail.

Thank you again for all of your support WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT SEASON!

Kristen Coffman
NRHS Band Booster Corresponding Secretary

Air Show Information

We Need Your Help!

Dear Parents,

Our biggest fund raiser is the Air Show. We work in the parking lots and at the entrance gates Labor Day weekend rain or shine. We have a good time! The air show provides us with lunch, and we get free admission to the Air Show once our shift is over. For new parents, this is a way to spend time with your teen and meet other band families. Funds from this event are budgeted to the marching band contest show materials and equipment. Without the Air Show, we do not have a quality marching band contest show.

We are in need of a committee of four to five people to take over coordinating the air show. I understand this is last minute. Doug Payne will be the lead for the committee. Please make a decision to be part of this committee so we can make this event a success and fund the contest show.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the band program and most importantly the bandos.

Take Care,

Kathy Payne
NRHS Band Booster President

Air Show Oops! 😉 Correction

Dear Parents,

We appreciate you all and your patience as we as your New Band Booster Board learn all the ropes. We had a bit of information get crisscrossed and we wanted to let you know the funds we raise from the Air Show are allocated to the Band Trip Fund i.e. the Disney Trip, not our contest show.

With that said, this is our largest fund raiser  We work in the parking lots and at the entrance gates Labor Day weekend rain or shine and we have a great time! We look forward to having you help volunteer as well as if you are willing to co-chair please let us know.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the band program and most importantly the bandos.

Take Care,

Kathy Payne
NRHS Band Booster President

Welcome Freshman Parents! Meetings, Band Shirts & More!

Hello Band Parents!

Just a friendly reminder we have 2 informational meetings this Tuesday evening and we are welcoming all incoming freshman parents! We are excited to have your freshman in the band. To help “ease” you into the band program, we are hosting a new parent meeting on Tuesday, June 12th at 6:30 pm at the media center.  Just drop off your Bando and come join us. We will be handing out a “cheat sheet” of tidbits we think you will find helpful and answer questions you may have. Band starts off with a bang and can be overwhelming. Our goal is to help make the band season fun and less stressful.

***Following the Freshman parent meeting we will have an "All" Band Parent meeting. This meeting should conclude at 8pm when Band practice ends.

  • The purple band polos shirts and the white band tee-shirts will be for sale this week at meeting/practice. If you are not able to make it please send your Bando with cash or check. 
  • When writing a check please make it out to North Royalton Band Boosters.
  • Purple polos will be sold for $20
  • White band tee-shirts are $10. We highly recommend two white tee-shirts, one for football games and one for Saturday competitions.

Feel free to call me at 440-476-8027 or e-mail me at with any questions or comments. We look forward to seeing you on the 12th.

Kathy Payne
2018-2019 NRHS Band Booster President

Introducing the New Band Booster Board 2018-2019

Hello Band Families!

I would like to introduce your new NRHS Band Booster Board. We are here to help our Bandos and play a role in supporting Mr. Vitale. We help with fundraising and organizing volunteer efforts. All of the board members are excited about your participation in this organization. Let's all look forward to a fantastic season! 

  • Kathy Payne ~President
  • Kevin Sexton ~ Vice President
  • Kristen Coffman ~ Corresponding Secretary
  • Nellie Wislocki ~ Recording Secretary
  • Carrie Barnett ~ Treasurer

I look forward to meeting all of you! 

Kristen Coffman
NRHS Band Booster Corresponding Secretary

Band Front Registration 2018

Hello Band Front Families,

It is time to register for the 2018-2019 band season. Band Front Registration will be taking place on-line over the next few days. The deadline is June 11.  All fees and information are needed at this time. All payments are made though PayPal only.

To complete the process you must submit 2 forms (Band Front Registration Form and Volunteer Form). Once you have completed your registration you will receive three emails: One from PayPal with your payment information; and two from Band Boosters (one with your Band Front information and one with your Volunteer information). We recommend saving these emails as they are your receipt for your registration and you may wish to refer to them later.

Band Front Registration Form

On this form, you will be filling out parent and student information and paying the band front, course and activities fees. After filling out the form click Submit and you will be taken to PayPal to pay your fees and complete this portion of the registration process.

Volunteer Form

We ask each family to support their student and the band by signing up for at least four activities. One of the reasons we have a great band is the high level of parent and family support and involvement. The majority of the funds needed to support the band (uniforms, flags, etc.) come from these fundraisers. Note that we will close individual activities once we have enough volunteers, so sooner is better than later if you prefer specific activities.

When you finish the Volunteer Form you will be taken to the Band Registration Form. Do NOT fill out the Band Registration Form. You are done registering, just close the browser window.

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to ask!


It's Been a Great Time

Dear Band Families,

As we complete our second term as your Exec Board of the NRHS Band Boosters, we would like to thank everyone for the support, ideas and guidance to help to continue to grow our organization!

When we took office, our primary mission was to support and promote our band program and its students. To accomplish this we had a few goals:

  1. Protect and grow our funds
  2. Enhance our current Fundraisers rather than add more
  3. Support our band director
  4. Support our chairpersons and volunteers
  5. Support our North Royalton vendors whenever we could

So how did we do this?

  1. Brought our mandatory white Tshirt / Purple Polos in house maintaining an inventory (Sabine Halterman – NRHS grad)
  2. Added event TShirt sales to both Band Fest and States (Kader Printing – NRHS grad)
  3. Added an Ice Cream Social at Parent Preview night (Honey Hut – NRHS grad)
  4. Rolled out Rhythm & Raffle – a community event featuring a basket raffle, dinner and our Jazz Bands, Drum line and Dancers  from both the HS and MS.  This was a HUGE change  from our traditional Basket Raffle and we  tripled our profits
  5. Worked with Mr. Vitale to produce DVDs of our State finals and bundled the DVD with Marching Band CDs for a cost effective product (Jumpstart Videos / Soundwaves),
  6. Submitted requests for Walmart Grants
  7. Introduced Munching for Music using area restaurants like Chipotle, Burger King and Pie Card sales.
  8. Added Tervis cups as a membership add on (Resource Solutions)
  9. Moved our money to Key Bank and invested our reserved funds in short term Money Market accounts and we are already tripling our interest! (Key Bank)
  10. Switched our Fruit Distributor to PeeJays.  Additionally, we ordered the fruit bags online saving at least $600 in bag expenses.
  11. Built Smile.Amazon donation account:  North Royalton Band Boosters. 
  12. Continued to use GFS account for North Royalton Band Boosters.
  13. Created a central SignUpGenius for all chairpersons and volunteers
  14. Streamlined the registration process to make future updates easier for the administrator.
  15. Implemented MailChimp to make sending emails to parents, boosters and alumni easier, less time consuming and, in some cases, simply possible.
  16. Ensured that funds were available for band ‘needs’ as stipulated by Mr. Vitale.   When funds were available, the Boosters also provided items that the band program ‘wanted’.
  17. Purchased the new trailer and decals
  18. Purchased 7 ‘A’ frames for use at States and Band Fest 

We are wishing the next board success in their goals and know this organization will continue to grow through the years.  North Royalton has the finest band program around and we, as a board, are proud to be part of their success.

Our final thought:  GET INVOLVED with the Boosters…. It has been very rewarding experience...

Best Wishes in the coming season,

Amanda, Becky, Shirley, Regina and Geri

P.S. Congratulations to our graduating seniors! Good luck in all your future endeavors!