Distribution of Contest Hoodies & Pins, Blingwear, and Buttons

Dear Band Families,

The Contest Hoodies & Pins, Blingwear, and Buttons will be distributed tomorrow night after 6-9 practice.

Contest Hoodies & Pins -

Some contest pins were distributed at parent preview night and some were included with membership apparel. Please let me know if you are missing your order. All Grand Staff members of Band Boosters will receive a letter from the Band Boosters listing their donation for IRS purposes.

Buttons -

Any unclaimed buttons that were purchased/ordered will be distributed Wednesday night. If there are any questions or if you would like to place an order, please contact Nancy Chester at n.chester@sbcglobal.net.

If you have any questions on Contest Hoodies & Pins or the Blingwear please contact Shirley Berish at 717-1532 or saberish@hotmail.com.

Thank you
Shirley Berish

Senior Band Night Invitation and RSVP Card

Dear Senior Band Families:

You are cordially invited to attend:

The North Royalton High School Marching Band’s
Senior Band Night

Honoring all Senior band students and their parents

Reception will be Friday, October 16, 2014
5:15 - 6:30PM
Dinner will be served at 5:30 PM in Cafeteria II (by the band room)

Marge Walter Caterers is catering:

  • Baked Chicken Breast with Gravy
  • Penne Rigatoni with Marinara Sauce (Vegetarian option)
  • Green Beans
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Tossed Salad
  • Freshly Baked Italian Bread
  • Bakery and Beverages will be served

At the reception, all Seniors will receive Corsages and/or Boutonnieres and their Mother will receive a Rose.

RSVP Card is due by October 9. RSVP card is attached to this email, on the Band Booster website OR in the band room!

6:45PM — Pre-Game Show
7:00PM — Home Football Game

Two complimentary admissions to the football game will be granted per family. This will be based on the information provided on the RSVP Card. Please check in at the SOUTH END gate where the North Royalton High School Marching Band enters and exits the field.

After PRE-GAME show, parents can meet with their Senior band member behind the band bleachers at the south end of the football field. Pictures will be taken and line up will begin.

During HALF-TIME of the football game, Seniors and their parents will be announced and recognized on the football field.

Senior Band Night Invitation

Senior Band Night RSVP

Water and Soft Drinks for Senior Band Night

Hi Freshman Band Families,

On Friday, October 16, 2015, we will be honoring the senior band members. Dinner for them and their immediate family will be served at 5:30PM, right after practice and before the game. The rest of the band will enjoy pizza, bakery and beverages.

We are asking all Freshmen Band Families to bring beverages to this event. The drinks can be dropped off at Cafeteria II beginning at 3:30PM on Friday, October 16, 2015, or your band student can drop off the drinks before they go to practice. Please put your last name on the drinks so we know who dropped off the beverages. Someone will be in Cafeteria II to accept your donation. NO beverages should be dropped off in the band room.

Please sign up for a specific beverage type here

Please contact me at alandhelenkelly@cox.net or (440) 746-9048 if you have any questions.


Hospitality Committee

Bakery for Senior Band Night

Hi Junior Band Families,

On Friday, October 16, 2015, we will be honoring the senior band members. Dinner for them and their immediate family will be served at 5:30PM, right after practice and before the game. The rest of the band will enjoy pizza, bakery and beverages.

We are asking all Junior Band Families to bring store bought desserts with NO peanuts to this event. Please send your dessert with your band student and have them drop it off in Cafeteria II before they go to practice. Please put your last name on the dessert. NO dessert should be dropped off in the band room. Someone will be in Cafeteria II to take it.

Please sign up for a specific dessert here

If you have any questions, please contact me at alandhelenkelly@cox.net or (440) 746-9048.


Hospitality Committee

Fantastic Event

Hi Everyone,

Did anyone notice the final set of our contest show last night? In case you did not see what I saw, it was a crescent moon. And it matched the crescent moon in the sky! Is it possible that Mr. Vitale and the design team planned our debut to match the current phase of the moon? Hmmm...

This was a busy weekend for us all. Wow, it is something special when you see an event like last night come off so well! The weather was perfect, the bands were spectacular, the audience was stimulated and we hosted like the class act that we are! There were many complements from our guests.

Social media is a buzz with postings from our festival. A HUGE thanks to all that were involved with the planning, preparing and volunteering last night! Again, our kids see all that we do, which helps them put in perspective that what they do is really worth it. The community this creates alone is a huge reality. Not many school districts have what we have and it is largely because of you.

Fundraising - With the exception of the fruit sale, the majority of our fall fundraisers are winding down. Although our membership drive is still active (please consider becoming a member of this fine organization if you haven't done so already) and still have 50/50 and button sales at the home games, we have successfully completed 2 Easter Seals drives, the air show, a band festival, car raffle, 1 Marching for Munchies gathering and our fruit sale blitz all in less than one month! Wow, that's amazing!

Now it's time to enjoy our kids during the upcoming contest season. October will be filled with Saturday performances of our Moonlight Reflections production. Our contest hoodies will be in just in time to wear to these events. I'm really looking forward to this next month. When traveling to the contest shows, try to sit together in the stands to form a "Sea of Purple" (wear purple or your spirit wear) to show our support. We will also see a return of our ROYALTON letters at some of the contest shows so be prepared to hold a letter. I look forward to seeing you there.

Moving forward from the booster side of things...the fruit sale will be ongoing until October, as well as volunteering for concessions for home games, 50/50, pit crew and bus chaperones. Please let the chairperson know if you run into any conflicts so that spots can be filled with alternate volunteers. The number of spaces needed to run these components is carefully calculated, if we fall short it can be a problem.

Booster Meeting - Our next booster meeting will be held in the Media Center near Heritage Hall in the high school on Monday, September 28 at 7 PM. Please come join us. Membership will be available as well as fruit sale fliers if you need extras.

Next Friday is Homecoming. Usually, after the game, our band performs the contest show. Plan to stick around to see the progress they have made.

Thanks again, for all you do and see you at the games!

Holly Michalke
Band Booster President

Band Fest Info

Hello NRHS Marching Band Parents!

We are less than a week away from our very own Band Festival!!! I cannot wait to see our kids perform their contest show!! We are expecting over 4000 people on Saturday! That's a large crowd of band kids and parents all in one place at one time when you really think about it! AND...all 8 bands are going to perform a final selection at the end of the night! Get your recorders ready for that one! What a great GRAND FINALE!!

We really need help this Saturday! We are welcoming a large number of people into our home and we want to be good hosts and make a good impression. We cannot do that if we don’t fill our volunteer spots. We have spots for both Band Fest and the Easter Seals drive. The jobs are easy and fun! And you will be able to watch your student perform the contest show! If you have any questions about what to sign up for, call Amanda at 440-864-6543 and she will help you out. Please sign up here.

Also, remember to sell fruit, get your car raffle tickets turned in, and fill your bags with your Easter Seals donations!

I look forward to working with you and enjoying the show on Saturday! Come join us!

Holly Michalke
Band Booster President

Fruit Sale Info

Hello, Band Families.

A huge Thank You to all of you who gave up part of your weekend to get our fruit sale off to a great start! If you did not take your blitz weekend packet into school yet, please get it in ASAP. We have to have all of the packets accounted for and we will be tracking down any that are missing.

The personal sale packets will be passed out this Wednesday evening. The next day, Thursday, will be our Teacher Blitz Day. Bring your personal packet back to school and ask all of your teachers to support our band program by ordering fruit. This would be a great day to wear some kind of band t-shirt!

The personal sale will then continue through October 17th, which is the Saturday of the Norton band contest. Ask family and friends to purchase fruit for themselves or to give as gifts. Feel free to ask your neighbors in case they were not home and did not have a chance to order during the blitz weekend. Also consider ordering extra fruit and donating it to the North Royalton Food Bank. Get creative to help our cause!

The money raised from the fruit is used for many different things such as music, uniforms, flags, band front costumes, fees, and much more. Everyone benefits in some way so that's why it is so important to have everyone help out in some way. There will be no pie sale this year so please consider redirecting the money you would have spent on pies to buying some healthy fruit instead.

We have attached the color flyer and the order form so you can print extras if you need them.

Thank you!

Susie Perez & Karen Svoboda
Fruit Sale Chairs

We Need Your Help September 19

Hi Everyone,

Band Festival is next week on Saturday, September 19th, and it will be an entertaining evening of music! We are expecting 8 GUEST bands, most from our neighboring communities and with the bands we are expecting a large crowd for the event so we are asking for YOUR help in the areas of:

Ticket Sales and Collection --

North and South Gates. This is a fast paced but simple job. We provide cheat sheets for all the ticket combinations.

Ushers --

Keep the areas assigned for visiting bands clear and help seat people who need assistance.

Concessions --

We need additional help with concessions. If you are not sure if you signed up for Band Festival concessions, please contact Dawn Rembowski at 216-990-0271 or dawnrembowski@att.net.

Program sales --

We need additional help with program sales and 50/50 raffle. If you are not sure if you signed up for 50/50 Raffle and Program Sales, please contact Elisa Race at 216-407-5625 or erace@wideopenwest.com.

Easter Seals 'Fill the Truck'---

We need volunteers to 'man' the truck for our 2nd Fill the Truck. Please consider helping. Shifts are only 1.5 hours! Please contact Amanda Kost at 440-864-6543 for more info.

We can use quite a few volunteers in EACH of the areas. Please consider taking the time to volunteer and help the North Royalton Marching Band…. it is a wonderful time to meet other band families! To sign up to volunteer, click on the link below. Thank you!

Signup to Volunteer

*Please Note: On some mobile devices it takes a while for all the information to come up. You may want to visit this link on a computer.