Band Booster Newsletter

Hi Everyone,

It is hard to believe 2014 is drawing to a close! Our upcoming concerts (Sunday, Dec. 14 and Monday, Dec. 15) are always a joyous event! Invite your family and friends to take a break from the craziness of the holiday season and join us for this event. Any "Pre-Order" Ticket requests will be taken through Wednesday, 12/10. The "Pre-Order" Box Office will close on Wednesday, and any further ticket requests after Wednesday will have to be made in person right before the performance. All three performances typically sell out, and if you did not "Pre-Order" your tickets, it is recommended you arrive a half hour early to the performance to see what tickets are still available for that particular performance. The form for pre-ordering is on Mr. Vitale’s website. Be sure you are ordering tickets for the concert that your child will actually be performing at.

Membership/Sportswear, Fruit & Holiday Ornaments

Membership/sportswear, a limited fruit selection and our annual Christmas ornament will be available at all of the holiday concerts. So, if you are looking for that extra special something for your bando, perhaps we have just what you are looking for.

Fruit Drive

The fruit drive has successfully come to an end. I believe it was the best one we have had in years! A huge thank you to those that helped out!..Students and parents alike. Please be sure you deliver the fruit in a timely fashion since fresh picked fruit tastes so much better. It is important to have returning customer base next year. We were informed that our fruit was freshly picked last week!


As you can see, a great deal of band booster correspondence takes place through email. We have found that some parents do not receive our reminders and updates. Please be sure we are sending our emails to the most current and active email address. There is a great deal of information that we wish to convey to you. We would like to do it in the most efficient way possible. If you would like to add or change your email address, please send an email to with the new email address as well as your student’s name and grade, and we will update our data base. Often times our information is placed on the website or Facebook, but it does not include all of our important correspondences.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our upcoming concerts!

Holly Michalke

Additional Concert Uniform Date

Hi Band Families,

The Concert Uniform Committee has added another night for pick up. It is Thursday, December 11, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm in the old uniform room. If you need to order a tux shirt (mainly freshmen), you have to go to Tuxedo Junction in Pat Catan's in Strongsville to order it. They will not be there on Thursday.


Fruit Sale Pick Up is on Saturday and Monday

Hello, Band Families!

Saturday, December 6th, from 8 am to 3 pm, or Monday, December 8th, from 6 pm to 8 pm. We will be distributing it from the high school locker rooms, which are right behind the board of education offices, next to the stadium, on Route 82. You can park in front of the board offices and then walk between that building and the stadium. We will be down just a little ways on the right.

Please remember these things:

  1. Each blitz day order will be filed under the team captain's name, so please make sure you know who that child is if you are picking up that order.
  2. Each customer is to receive a thank-you note with the fruit. You will get a stack of notes along with your order, so please give one to each customer on your list. The team captain is ultimately responsible for insuring all fruit orders are delivered.
  3. NEW THIS YEAR - BBYB (Bring Back Your Bags)
    We have to purchase the actual bags that are used for the 10 pound orders of fruit. They cost about $1.00 per bag and that comes directly out of our profit. Please help us save money next year by carefully opening your bags and then returning them to us. There will be a box in the band room so your child can bring back the bags and we will also have a box in the hallway just outside the auditorium during the holiday concerts. Thank you for helping us conserve and save money!

Thank you for helping us have a successful fruit sale! The profit from the sale is over $8,000! Your support will help insure the future of our band program. Enjoy your fruit!

Susie 440-877-1299 & Karen 440-213-6414

Donation Request for the Raffle Fundraiser and Holiday Ornament Reminder

Hello Band Families,

The Raffle Fundraiser will be taking place on February 28, 2015 at 3-Spot from 6-9pm. The cost is $25.00 per person for a buffet dinner and drinks. This is an adult event.

At this time we are requesting donations for this event. These donations make up all the baskets and door prizes, as well as provide supplies for making the baskets.

Please donate items such as:

  1. wine
  2. jewelry
  3. spa certificates
  4. restaurant certificates
  5. store gift cards
  6. golf items
  7. gardening items
  8. pet supplies
  9. car supplies
  10. auto repair certificates
  11. health and beauty supplies or certificates
  12. sporting goods
  13. health club certificates
  14. college items/clothing
  15. or you can make a full basket yourself and donate that!

You can also donate supplies.

Supplies needed:

  1. baskets (all sizes)
  2. cellophane
  3. ribbon
  4. basket grass
  5. large poster board

You can bring your donations to one of the three holiday concerts on December 14 and 15 where people from our committee will be collecting them. Please remember to sign our form with your name, what you donated, and the approximate retail value! Or you can contact Lynn Laurence at to make other arrangements.

Thank you for making this event a success!

P.S. Remember that the Marching Band Ornaments will only be sold at the Holiday Concerts this year. They are $10 each. In addition, membership will have Band Booster merchandise for sale. If you are interested, bring checks or cash with you to the concert.